Risk, Responsibility and Resilience

New Strategies in the Labyrinths of Uncertainty

International conference in association with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the

23-25 November 2018, Budapest, Hungary – Castle District
Institute of Musicology, Bartók Hall, 7 Táncsics Mihály street

“…history does not tolerate a vacuum. If incidences of famine, plague and war are decreasing, something is bound to take their place on the human agenda. We had better think very carefully what it is going to be. Otherwise we might gain complete victory in the old battlefields only to be caught completelyunaware on entirely new fronts.” (Harrari 2015)

The conference will debate the global, regional and local consequences of contemporary large-scale transformations. Academics, thinkers and experts from a variety of disciplines are invited to explore the complex nature of social, political and economic processes while formulating alternatives to their negative impacts and imagining new scenarios for the future. The themes of the conference include climate change and its social repercussions, new wars and security in the era of digitalization, possibilities for new governance and new management, the rebirth of democracy and the metamorphosis of the state in a global economy. The conference will specifically address the responsibility that citizens, power elites and corporate capital have in tackling global risks in order to build resilient communities and sustainable societies.

Invited Speakers:

Daniel Brooks – Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto, senior research fellow, iASK

Sean Cleary – Chairman of Strategic Concepts (Pty) Ltd.; Managing Director of the Centre for Advanced Governance; Founder and Executive Vice Chair of the FutureWorld Foundation; Chairman of Atlantic Holdings (Pty) Ltd.; member of Advisory Board, iASK

György Csepeli – ELTE, senior research fellow, iASK

Jody Jensen – senior research fellow, iASK, Jean Monnet professor, University of Pannonia

Sándor Kerekes – Corvinus University of Budapest, senior research fellow, iASK

Kroó, Norbert – Vice-President, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member of Advisory Board, iASK

Ferenc Miszlivetz – Professor of Sociology, director, iASK

Claus Offe – Professor Emeritus of Political Sociology, Hertie School of Governance

Attila Pók – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, senior research fellow, iASK